Lets face it, we love pizza. We love preparing it, we love serving it, and we especially love eating it!



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The Pizza Express Way

What we love most of all is how pizza brings people together. Whether it’s game night, party night, or just plain old pizza night, pizza brings family and friends together; and we love that the MOST.

We love this community
and even if we are ‘just the food on the table,’ we are so proud to be there. It’s an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to serve our community and our die-hard Pizza Express fans. We pledge to continue to always provide all our customers with high quality, great tasting food and excellent, friendly service.

Back in 1982, the Vasilarakis family, a Greek family from the small island of Karpathos, opened a pizza restaurant in Brandon Manitoba.From the start, their business was built on two simple principles; provide unique, handmade, high quality food, and provide excellent customer service. Following these two principles and a pinch of their secret ingredient- CARE, their business thrived.

Pizza Express has been in business for over three decades, and is now into its third generation of original family owners, but things still haven’t changed much. Although we sport a fresh new look, an updated menu and plenty of new faces, Pizza Express is still deeply committed to its founding principles of providing quality, great tasting food, and providing exceptional service to all of its customers.

Quality, great tasting food & exceptional service

We take tremendous pride in our tradition and in the hard work we put into our food. We are meticulous with our ingredients, our recipes, and our craftsmanship. We will not settle for being mediocre; we strive for quality in everything that we do. At Pizza Express, all of our food is crafted with our secret ingredient, CARE; because we DO care; about our food, and we DO care about our customers. This is how it has always been at Pizza Express; and this is how it will always be at Pizza Express.

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